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The Dream Chase

Now you have a chance to try and catch your Dream! Will you accept the challenge?

How to play

Tap or click anywhere on a game field (except restart button) to jump over obstacle. The higher the score, the better.

About The Dream (Credits)

I spent half of a year making this game from a blank document in the Construct2 to the finished project.
Everything was pretty much made by myself, except windy sound on the background — it was made by someone who called himself " nrn-". I found this nice ambient sound at
The font I'm using is ' Ostrich Sans' by Tyler Finck. I've just slightly modified some letters and kerning.


I've chosen as a platform to release my game for a few reasons. First, I think that the future belongs to these kinds of platforms, where players can just play games and not to be bothered by a bunch of annoying ads. When the player likes the game, he can express his favor as a buck or two. I think nowadays no one goes broke from that, but the creator will have funds to continue and create another game that players might also find worthwhile.
Second, this platform is developing rapidly, and soon will be something like Etsty for independent developers, as I think. Right now, it has everything I need, except built-in "Share" buttons (these shitty ones you can see above are made by me).

About me

I had a dream to make computer games since 1996(1997?) when I had my first PC. This dream gradually become true now ^_^
More about me:
@lone_game_maker in Twitter
Lone Game Maker's profile at

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